Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn Cakes at Petit Decorer

It's been a while since I went to Petit Decorer, the tiny patisserie at the end of my street, and as I have to pass the window and smile at the girl behind the counter every night on my way home from work, I was starting to feel guilty. Also, I'd noticed that there were a number of new cakes that I hadn't had a chance to try yet, so I could no longer excuse my failure to support my local pastry chef by reasoning that I'd already bought everything they sell at least once. I was tempted to go with my old favorite, the Mont Blanc, or the Tiramisu Roll Cake, both of which Petit Decorer does very well, but in the interests of keeping it interesting, I compromised on the new-for-fall Kuri Roll Cake instead. Like the Mont Blanc, it's a combination of whipped cream, white cake, and chestnut cream, with chunks of candied chestnuts inside the roll and an irresistibly glittery cut-out chocolate chestnut on top. I also got the chocolate millefeuille, which is just like the vanilla version except that it contains chocolate custard inside and has a snazzy diagonally-dribbled topping of melted chocolate, which strikes me as vaguely Halloween-appropriate. There's something about fall that triggers sweets-consumption - the cooler weather, the trick-or-treating associations, the harvest season bounty. These cakes fit the bill.
Petit Decorer
Minami-azabu 1-4-21

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