Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garden of Destiny

While out enjoying the gorgeous spring weather on Sunday, I passed through Hibiya Park. I used to walk here all the time when I lived next to my office, so I feel a bit nostalgic whenever I occasionally come back. Though I claim to set no stock by superstition, I'm actually highly susceptible to the allure of coincidence, and I always make sure to visit two particular areas of the park.
If you can read katakana, you know that this tree sign says "yuri no ki." It's what we call a tulip tree in English, and the literal translation in Japanese is "tree of lilies." But another, equally correct, translation, would be "tree of Yuri." So I always think of this as Yuri's tree. Too bad he lives 6,000 miles away from it.

Just a short walk across the park there's a pretty little rose garden. And wouldn't you know, one of the roses is Laura. It's pink and cream, pretty much the same color my skin would be if I lived in a garden out in the sun. And ... did you notice the year of this rose's origin???

Coincidence??? You decide.


  1. I love these! (coincidences:) "Laura - made in 1981"?? - no way a coincidence! ("Yuri's tree" is also nice:)
    see, they are a bit apart in the park, but plants travel a lot! we just don't know, so they may just as well decide to join each other somewhere in between.. (SF??:)

  2. OISHINESS! Destiny! Masha's idea is not too bad either :-)

  3. Beautiful Observation - definitely bashert (which is Yiddish for...Destiny)!