Friday, April 2, 2010

Matzo S'mores

The tour of Rome isn't over yet, but as it's currently Passover I want to interrupt with a holiday treat: matzo s'mores. As much as I genuinely like matzo, which comes in lots of flavors and is basically a big break-apart cracker, I have to admit that it's not terribly photogenic. But toasted marshmallows and chunks of dark chocolate always enliven things. After a lot of trial and error, I've determined that it's best to put the matzo on a plate, broken into four pieces, top each piece with a marshmallow, and toast it in the toaster oven without the chocolate. When it comes out, quickly sink a broken piece of chocolate into the top of each marshmallow - this melts the chocolate while making the marshmallow spread out across the breadth of the matzo. If you like, you can toast half the matzo plain and use it as the top half of sandwiches, though it's much less messy to eat if you leave them open-faced. While matzo will never taste like a graham cracker, it does mimic millefeuille pastry or phyllo rather well - when buried under gooey sugar and chocolate, one crunchy flaky base is much the same as another, and you'd never guess this was the bread of affliction.

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