Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Chanukah!

You have to love a holiday that demands eating fried foods by candlelight. And you have to love a language that includes a word like "fuwa-fuwa," meaning light and fluffy, and applied equally to fabric softener results and to baked goods. The traditional donut of Chanukah are the jam-filled sufganiyot that probably originated in eastern Europe and are now considered Israeli. In Japan, it's more common to find red bean paste than jelly in a donut, but Le Petit Decorer up the street from me sells plain, unfilled fuwa-fuwa-type donuts - perfect for serving with jam. Actually, you can ask them to be filled with custard cream in the store, a tempting option, though not one I've tried (yet).
Le Petit Decorer only sells donuts on the weekends, and offers three options. The one above is plain "milk" flavor, coated with sugar. The other fuwa-fuwa donut available is coated with cinnamon sugar. The third type is a ring-shaped cake donut flavored with maple syrup and sold with the donut hole sitting on top. I'm not normally crazy about donuts - sure, I like them, but I would rather have something more substantial and, much as I love the word, less fuwa-fuwa. I guess I'll never be a policeman. Still, for the sake of Chanukah, I'm not opposed to a donut or two. Especially by candlelight.

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