Sunday, December 6, 2009


What is Soyjoy? It's a meal-replacement bar, often marketed to dieters, though it has a fair amount of fat and sugar. But for a snacky sort of food, it's pretty healthy, and for a health food, it's unusually tasty. American meal-replacement bars tend to be exorbitantly high on the protein, thanks to the addition of whey powder and other ingredients you would never find in nature, and pretty low on flavor, for the same reason, no doubt. Or they tend to be exorbitantly high on the sugar, or the no-calorie sweetener, as the case may be. Japanese meal-replacement bars are usually a lot less sweet, a lot less artificial, and also a lot less nutritious - they're more like crackers or digestive biscuits.
Soyjoy is the best of the bunch, because it actually has a bit of protein (about 4 grams per 140-calorie bar), and that protein comes mostly from soybeans. In addition, Soyjoy is stuffed with real pieces of dried fruit and nuts, making it taste almost as good as a granola bar. Because of all the fiber, it's a good idea to drink a lot of water at the same time - that really fills you up. It comes in a variety of attractively packaged flavors - the top photo shows, from top to bottom, apple, prune, raisin, strawberry, apricot, and cocoa-orange, and there are a few others, too. I see from their website that they're sold at a number of drugstores and supermarkets in the US, although in fewer - and different - flavors (including peanut chocolate chip - so American - but it sounds delicious!). I'll have to find out how they compare to the Japanese version when I'm home for the holidays in a few weeks!

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