Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ancien Camembert at Paul

This is probably my favorite sandwich. Given that I work only 30 floors away from it, I could all too easily eat it every day, and for a while, when I first started my job, I actually did. Occasionally I'd get something else, and sometimes the tuna sandwich Paul also sells usurps its place of privilege in my sandwich rankings. But most days, if I haven't brought my own lunch and haven't made plans to go out, this sesame baguette buttered and filled with three rectangular pieces of thickly-sliced camembert and a ruffle of green leaf lettuce is what I pick.

Paul is a bakery, so naturally the bread is excellent. Indeed, it's the bread as much as the fillings that occasionally inspires me to choose something different. Another wonderful vegetarian sandwich on offer is a fresh mozzarella and tomato on an olive baguette, but it costs twice as much as the other sandwiches due to the fancy ingredients. But they sell the olive bread by itself as well, and for a while I would just bring my own cheese and pick a different petit pan - walnut, six-grain, raisin, plain - and call that lunch. Other delicious savory choices include mini-pizzas on brioche dough and a hot dog encased in pastry, though I've never tried that one. I've already written a bit about the sweets on offer.
It's a chain with shops around the world - though unfortunately not many in the US.

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