Saturday, May 22, 2010

Waterfront Cafe Bar-Bistro

If only I lived in Wallingford, I'd probably spend my entire summer at the Waterfront Cafe. Not only is it located at a marina where a small navy of speedboats and party cruisers are moored at the Benson Waterfront, not only is it an extremely pleasant mile's stroll through the meadows along the Thames upstream from the historic castle town of Wallingford, but the food is actually delicious as well. What could be nicer than sitting on a wooden deck watching the sun set over the water, with green trees and birdsong, surrounded by tables of happy families enjoying the nice weather? We were lucky to have an unusually warm day for late April in England, and we had been walking all afternoon, exploring the Ridgeway Trail, the Thames Path, and the castle ruins. The Waterfront Cafe was the perfect ending to a perfect day.
That burger at the top is a Stilton-smothered portabella mushroom, served with roasted red pepper salsa on a whole-grain bun. I couldn't have invented a more perfect combination of flavors myself - the smelly cheese was the perfect accent to the sweet, tangy relish, and the mushroom was grilled to juicy perfection. Serving the chips in a bowl was a whimsical touch, and the mixed salad leaves a welcome addition (I don't think I ate half as many vegetables as I'm used to on this trip). Of course, a cold London Pride beer is just the drink for sitting and watching boats bob on the river. Waterfront Cafe
Benson Waterfront
Benson, Wallingford
Oxon OX10 6SJ

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